Thursday, July 12, 2018

No Bake Oatmeal Protein Energy Balls

I've been working hard to eat healthier meals and workout lately trying to loose the last little bit of pregnancy weight. For me the hardest part of the day to stick to healthy habits are when I'm wanting a snack. Especially that three to four o clock time when you are just tired and don't want anything that "healthy". That's where these no bake oatmeal protein energy balls have come in handy for me this week! They are super easy to make, easy to eat on the go and are delicious. 

1 1/2 cups  rolled oats
1/2 cup  vanilla whey protein powder
1/2 tsp  cinnamon
1 T  chia seeds
1/2 cup  smooth peanut butter
3 T  honey
1 tsp  vanilla extract
1/3  cup chocolate chips (or raisins, craisins, coconut flakes, etc)
2-4  T  liquid.. can use water, milk, almond milk, etc. I used water on this batch

Stir to combine oats, protein powder, cinnamon, chia seeds, peanut butter, honey and vanilla. Add chocolate chips. Mixture should be sticky but not crumbly. Slowly add liquid one tablespoon at a time. Using hands combine until it comes together in a sticky ball. If mixture is dry add more liquid but not too much that it won't stick. Roll into balls.. the size I did made about 17 balls. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes. Store in the fridge until ready to eat. Enjoy!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had a very fun and exciting weekend that included being part of an engagement! Justin was off work Friday and had some friends in town so we dropped Anna Claire off with family and headed to the beach for the day. It was so nice to get some sun, relax and catch up with friends! That night we had everyone and their kids back to our house for dinner. Justin grew up with all of the guys that were here and now everyone has kids so it is so fun to see all of them with their babies! On Saturday we headed to Bald Head Island for the day. If you haven't ever been it is such a fun little island to visit! You have to take a ferry there and once you arrive no cars are aloud. You get around on a golf cart or bike.. it's so fun! Justin's brother was visiting Bald Head Island and planning to propose. Our whole family and his now finance's whole family went to surprise her. She said YES! We all went out to dinner afterward and had the best time celebrating the new bride and groom to be! 

yay for a sister in law! 

On Sunday we went to church and then relaxed at home before heading to game night at a friends house. We have a group of friends that we rotate houses for a game night one to two times a month. Whoever host that time cooks a meal and we play games- normally clue but this time we played Jenga. The winner gets to take our sombrero home (that we actually won on a group trip to Mexico once). It is always such a good time! That's a wrap on our busy weekend. I'm ready for a quiet day at home today to catch up on laundry and get little Anna Claire back on her nap schedule! 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fourth of July

We had a wonderful Fourth of July and I hope you did as well! This year things looked a little different since we couldn't head out to the beach or on the boat because of it being just too hot for Anna Claire. We ended up having family over to our house to grill burgers and go swimming. It worked out perfect because we were able to keep Anna Claire inside most of the time while everyone  else was in and out. We spent the whole day enjoying each others company, swimming, grilling burgers and hot dogs and eating a million chocolate covered strawberries. We let Anna Claire get in the pool for the first time and she absolutely loved it! I thought she would probably scream but since the water was so warm I think it felt like bath water to her. She was so adorable!! Of course I took a million pictures to document it. By late afternoon over half of our crew spread out around the house for a little cat nap then rallied to go watch the fireworks that night. I was super nervous taking Anna Claire to the fireworks because I didn't know if it would be too loud for her but she did great! I muffled her ears with my hands to give myself a little more peace of mind. She actually seemed to watch them for a while and then fell asleep. It was a wonderful day! 

I made this Flag Cake via Paula Deen reciepe 

After a long day I look terrible but I love seeing how AC was so into the fireworks on her first Fourth of July! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

5 on Friday

One. I know I'm biased but am I aloud to think I have the cutest baby in the world?! Uhh.. my heart... I could just eat her up! This little nugget is 9 weeks old and has the happiest personality. I am in shock at how fast time has gone by and how much she has changed! This little watermelon bubble is Crown and Ivy. They have some of the cutest baby clothes! 

Two. I just finished reading We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It touches on teenage pregnancy and illegal immigration which normally would not be my cup of tea in a summer reading book but this one is excellent. I recommend it! Up next on my list is The Last Mrs Parish which I have heard is also excellent. 

Three. I am not a big lip stick/lip gloss person.. in fact 99% of the time you will find me rocking chapstick. I am super picky because I like a very natural look and everything I have ever tried is always too red or too pink. Well I finally found a lip product that I love! It is Laura Geller Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lip Gloss in the color Skinny Dip. 

Four. I have had a time trying to find an affordable one piece swimsuit that is flattering for my postpartum body this summer. I have no joke bought and returned 5 bathing suits and tried on numerous others in stores. Every bathing suit I have tried is always way too small in the rear. After searching high and low I finally found a bathing suit from J. Crew that fits perfect! I also scored it on sale which was an added bonus. Now that I know I the fit is perfect for my body type I want to order another one in a different style.

this is the one I bought but I am eyeing the striped one shoulder one next! 

Five. I've shared some of my favorite Aldi finds here before but today I'm adding a new one to the list. These eggplant Cutlets are excellent and make such a quick meal. This week I used my spiralizer to make noodles and baked these eggplant cutlets with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese for a quick and easy eggplant Parmesan dish. You could also use noodles instead of zucchini noodles if you don't have a spiralizer. So yummy! 

Five + 1. I can add one more thought right? sure.. let's go. This is an important one. If you are looking for a podcast episode to listen to I would suggest you listen to this one. It's a sermon by The Porch Channel and it's SO good and SO eye opening. Save it for when you have an hour to listen. You won't regret it (: 

or search The Porch Channel podcast Episode Eternal FOMO

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thoughts for Thursday

If we were sitting down together for a cup of coffee... or better yet a glass of wine these are the thoughts I would ramble on about... Also, mommy brain is a thing so most likely these thoughts would all come out in one long jumbled sentence because my mind is always running a million miles a minute. Moving on.. 

1. I'm really trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I only have 5 pounds to go but I have a feeling it's going to be the hardest 5 pounds. The rest seemed to come off pretty easy without much effort but now I have hit a wall. I eat fairly healthy but I have no desire to break a sweat. On a whim I purchased Beach Body on Demand last night so that I can do some workout videos at home while Anna Claire is napping. I'm hoping spending money on the program will encourage me and not having to leave the house to go to the gym with a newborn will eliminate the excuses. 

2. The witching hour is a real thing. I thought we were one of the lucky ones that had the perfect baby that hardly ever cried but the last two days 5:30-7:00  pm Justin and I have stared at each other in amazement while our normally perfect little baby looses her mind. It's a season.... I also learned that this will not be the hour I workout. Last night I made it 10 minutes into my first workout when I had to abandon it for a screaming newborn. Haha, I will try again today at a different time.

Daddy to the rescue 

3. Two book recommendations for you- For the Love by Jen Hatmaker and We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Both are excellent reads! I laughed out loud while reading For the Love the other night when I got to this part: 

"Thank you 4:00pm., for being the time of day that thoroughly confuses me; post homework and pre dinner. I am already exhausted and fairly irritable. The children are losing their ever-loving minds, and husband is still tucked away in his sane office with all mental faculties intact and won't answer my SOS text to hurry and come home or their blood is on your hands. Do I make coffee? Or pour a glass of wine? Yours, witching hour survivor."

-replace homework with taking care of a newborn and that pretty much sums up my evenings this week. I feel ya Jen! HA

4. Do you watch Southern Charm? I'm obsessed. If you don't, you should... It's based in Charleston and comes on Bravo on Thursday nights. So tonight.... you're welcome! They make me feel normal and it never fails I laugh out loud at least three times while watching. 

5. Anna Claire got her 2 month shots yesterday and it was heartbreaking! She actually did pretty well and only screamed at the top of her lungs for about two minutes. It was so hard to watch though! I'm so glad we don't have to go back for two more months! As much as I dreaded taking her I'm so thankful to live in a place where we have such wonderful medical care to keep our babies healthy! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Day in the Life- Maternity Leave

My favorite post to read are day in the life post so I thought it would be fun to document what a typical day looks like in this season of life. I also think it will be fun to look back on as I know this precious time is fleeting. We are following Moms on Call and it's working great for us. 

6am- Anna Claire starts stirring but I give her a paci and try to make it to 7am before we wake up. 

7am- Justin's alarm goes off and we all wake up. Anna Claire is full of smiles when she wakes up and is absolutely adorable to talk to. This is my favorite part of the day! I nurse her then get up to make some coffee and breakfast. 

7:30am- We spend close to an hour playing. Play time right now involves swinging in her swing, talking to her and making sounds/faces, tummy time and looking at things on her play mat. She is generally really happy during this time but towards the end I can tell she is getting tired. 

8:30am- Swaddle, paci, white noise and rock n play for a nap. She normally falls asleep within minutes during this time and will sleep anywhere from one to two hours. This is when I will do my devotional, sip on my second cup of coffee and catch up on blogs. If we have plans that day I'll also squeeze in a shower while she's asleep. 

10am- Wake her up if she is still sleeping and nurse her before we start play time again. We spend the next hour repeating the same play time routine. If I have errands to run we may run those now also. Yesterday we ran to the library and to meet Justin for lunch.

11:30 am Nap time again. She falls asleep easy if we are at home. What I should do is workout during this time but I normally spend this time picking up in the house. 

1pm- Wake her up if she is still sleeping to nurse and play. I'll take a million pictures of her and just hang out.  If I didn't run any errands earlier we may do that now just to get out of the house for a bit. 

2:30- Down for another nap and I may hop back on the computer to check emails and read more blogs. 

4:00- She is up ready to nurse and play for another hour. She is normally more fussy during this time so it's a good time to pull out the Solly Wrap or go for a walk if it isn't too hot.

5:30- Anna Claire takes a short nap and Justin gets home. We start dinner and get as much done as we can before she wakes up. 

6:30- Anna Claire is awake and normally fussy so it's the perfect time for a bath! She loves the bath but hates drying off and putting on her pajamas 

7:00- I nurse her and put her down for a nap. This should be her bedtime but she will normally nap on and off for the next two hours and not really ever fall asleep. We all hang out and watch TV/ eat dinner and relax as a family. 

10pm- We are all exhausted so we head to bed. I nurse Anna Claire one more time, kind of a dream feed and this time she normally will fall asleep for the night. On a good night we will make it to 3AM before she is ready to eat and then at 7 am we start the whole day over. 

Add in lots of diapers changes and that's pretty much our typical day! Of course some days we have plans so things play out differently but we try to stick to this schedule as much as possible. The days can be somewhat monotonous but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I absolutely love staying home with Anna Claire and watching her grow and change each day. I am SO fortunate in the timing of my maternity leave- I am a teacher so I took six weeks of maternity leave and then school let out for the summer so I am able to stay home with her until August when she will be 15 weeks. These days are precious to me and I hope I never take them for granted!