Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Weekend

Okay, so this post was supposed to be up on Monday, right after Christmas. Things did not go as planned though when my computer crashed (for the third time in a few months). Here we are a few days later all fixed up and with a brand new laptop! Let's call it an unexpected but necessary late Christmas present to myself. Moving on with the Christmas recap... because it has to be documented of course! Better late than never. 

Can you believe Christmas is already over? The whole month of December just flew by despite my efforts to slow down and enjoy every moment. Justin and I had a very Merry Christmas. It being the first Christmas we are married made it just that more special! We spent Christmas Eve at home opening our gifts to each other and celebrating with Justin's family. His side of the family gets together every year for dinner and gifts and sometimes do a theme. This year the theme was Tacky and a few people sure did go all out! I felt it would only be appropriate to have a photo booth if the theme was tacky so I used some leftover wrapping paper and got to work. J's dad cooked a low country boil for dinner that was of course just delicious. The night was just perfect! Sorry for the picture overload that is about to happen!

Can you say best dressed family award?! Not pictured are the Santa red pants and the remainder of Carlee's one piece red jumpsuit. Hilarious..

 How many people can you fit on one couch?!

Christmas morning Justin and I were up and on the road early heading to my parent's for the remainder of the weekend. Mom had the house beautifully decorated as always and prepared a mouth watering brunch including her famous tomato gravy (that I am determined to learn how to make this year). Christmas night my sister and I invited our two best friends over which has become a tradition the past few years. Now everyone has husbands/ boyfriends in the picture so we had some boys joining in on the fun also! (; I'm not quite sure they could handle all of the girl talk/wine but don't worry- we will break them in!

 Henson has the best grandparents ever! He was gifted his very own personalized tote bag. Yes, he is spoiled rotten

 Yay for matching jackets! My mom, sister and I all have the same jacket in a different color. 

As a joke we gave my dad and Justin a pair of very, very VERY large briefs as a gift. HA! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DIY Christmas Golf Ball Ornaments

I just LOVE homemade gifts! It shows that someone put their thought and time into making something just for you. We all know there is never enough time in the day as is! My creative sister came up with the cutest homemade gift idea for the golf lover in your life. She made the most adorable golf ball Christmas ornaments decorated, some as Santa and some as a snowman. I tell you, she is the queen of homemade, thoughtful and creative. I convinced her to share the how to with you all because they really aren't that difficult and turned out adorable. They are also a great way to use up the hundreds of unused golf balls laying around!

You will need several golf balls (don't use expensive ones because you will be painting them anyway), small and large picture hanging hooks, acrylic paint and accessories of your choice for hats (thin fabric, felt, pom poms, etc), a hot glue gun and string. 

The how to:
1. Paint golf balls white and let dry. 
2. Screw in the picture hanging hook to the top of the ball. You can use a screwdriver and a screw to break through the hard outer shell and then finish screwing in hook by hand. This is the hardest step but still not that bad. 

3. Paint the balls the design of your choosing. Ginny did a decorative one, a Santa and a snowman but the possibilities are endless! I'm currently begging her to make me a chocolate lab with a Santa hat on it. How cute would that be! 

4. Add last minute accessories such as hats made out of fabric or felt. The snowman hats can be found pre-made at Hobby Lobby. 

these aren't finished yet but I can already tell they will be adorable! 

Can you believe Christmas in only three days away?! I certainly cannot! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas cards and festivities

One of these days I am going to get back to blogging regularly. With work slowing down a [tiny] bit maybe today will be the day! 

I have a confession to make... I may be the crazy girl that had our Christmas card picked out and ordered about two months ago. I just LOVE all that Christmas brings and can't wait to get things started. Our cards sat addressed and ready to go for over a month just waiting for the day after Thanksgiving to mail them. I LOVE the way this year's card turned out.. with wedding pictures it was such an easy process! 

This weekend Justin and I traveled to Reidsville to kick off my Christmas break with my family and to see some hometown friends. The weekend flew by with several holiday parties and spending time with friends. The food has been heavy and the wine has been flowing. My diet has to start NOW. Not a bad problem to have though right?!

A few weekends ago we hosted a Tacky Sweater party that never made it to the blog. So here ya go! ..the infamous tacky sweater party that is always way too much fun.