Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mason Dixon Thursday

Whoops! I missed the past two weeks- My apologies! I'm back at it again though
with reason #2 I'm so thankful to live below the Mason Dixon Line.

The Adult Beverages

1. Jack Daniels Old No. 7
This Tennessee whiskey is filtered through a thick layer of
maple charcoal before it is put into casks for aging.

2. Southern Comfort
"In 1874, Southern Comfort was born in a New Orleans
bar. It’s been bringing people together ever since."
Hello SoCo and lime!

3. Kentucky Bourbon
Did you know 95% of the worlds bourbon are distilled
in Kentucky? Thanks Kentucky for Mint Julep and the
Kentucky Derby!

4. Firefly Vodka
My personal favorite! Who wouldn't love 
sweet tea vodka?! We owe thanks to SC for this one!

Enough said- I love the south! What's your favorite drink?

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  1. thank you for including VA! I feel like a lot of people forget about is virginia southerners!! We were capital of the south ;]
    cute post!


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