Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Before I go any further- How many Pretty Little Liars fans do we have out there? This show is the most addicting thing I have ever seen. What a crazy life these girls live!

I haven't done the What I'm Loving Wednesday link up with Jamie in a while. I'm thinking I'm long overdue. This is what I am loving on this gorgeous Wednesday morning.

I've been branching out in the cooking world lately and I love it. When I cook I seem to eat  healthier because I'm not just picking up processed food. I owe all my cooking on the summertime because every night just seems perfect to light the grill up. This lady isn't complaining! In the past week with friends we have made chicken and shrimp kabobs, tilapia, tons of fresh veggies, steaks, dips, and pasta salad. Nothing extravagant but I promise it's been good!

cruising the Beaufort waterfront- amazing

Atlantic Beach. I've been extremely blessed this summer having been able to take several trips that way. I just got back Monday morning from celebrating my best friends new beau's 25th birthday at AB! AB is an easy drive for us at only about an hour and a half away and is absolutely gorgeous! This past weekend we were hanging out at Shackleford when a group of horses walked right up to us in the water. Pure amazingness. I am 100% convinced NC has it all from the mountains to the coast.

I'm loving all of the hillarious ecards that have been pinned lately.

and my guilty pleasure that should NOT be admitted. I've been loving Laguna Beach being played every morning this week. It reminds me of my high school days when this show was actually cool. Now I clearly see how ridiculous it is but can't help but reminisce.

What are you loving today? Have a great day!


  1. HAHAHA I love the ecards! My mom and I send them to each other all the time. They are one of the best parts of pinterest:-)

  2. I am obsessed with e-cards. They have one for everything and they're all hilarious! Espec the ones you chose. I've diagnosed myself with legit everything from looking online so that one in peerfect for me :) new follower xxx

  3. Hahahaha! Those ecards are hilarious, I hadn't seen the notebook one before, love it. I have been watching the Laguna Beach reruns too! I can't believe how they all look like babies, definitely brings me back. Love your blog!

  4. I vacationed in Atlantic Beach a few years ago and loved it! I'm convinced it's a hidden gem!!

    And that workout e-card--I died!!


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