Monday, November 5, 2012

Football Mania

Whew, what an eventful weekend for college football! This past weekend I decided to head to my hometown. I needed a break from Greenville and all of the events Pirate football brings. Little did I know when I made the trip home that I would end up with box seats to the NC State game. Saturday may not have been the restful day I originally had planned for but it sure was fun!

Let's recap the day:

ECU played at noon against Houston and WON!! 
GO PIRATES! I'm sad I missed this one! 

While the pirates were playing their little hearts out, I was at the NC State 
football game watching the wolf packs have a not so great game day. 
I'm not a state fan (obviously for known reasons) but couldn't help feeling 
bad for them. Not a great homecoming. Maybe next time pack. 

I got home from the game just in time to regroup and head to Greensboro
to watch the most important game. Alabama VS. LSU. 

This was a HUGE game and Alabama was able to pull off a win. So proud! 
I got to watch the game with my parents and several friends which made it that much more fun. 

Who were you pulling for this weekend?
Happy Monday!

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