Monday, February 4, 2013

Keeping it real at the Superbowl

Happy Monday! I don't have to ask if you saw the Superbowl last night. From my twitter feed I'm absolutely certain everyone in America did. I'm not a big NFL fan .. I'm more of a college football kinda girl. I even debated calling it an early night and skipping out on all of the hype. I of course rethought that though because even though I'm not a huge football fan there was plenty of action going on to keep me entertained. Here is what caught my attention on Superbowl Sunday.. 

Joe Flacco 
hello gorgeous.. 

Beyonce killed it. Y'all.. seriously, she just had a baby. Absolutely and bringing out Destiny's Child?! I nearly had a panic attack. Bringing me back to my glory days. I was tempted to spend the power outage of the second half practicing my single lady dance moves(; I kid I kid. 

"Calvin Klein for the win"
..If you missed this I'm sorry. You can probably
 youtube it but be prepared for your jaw to drop. 

109 yards in 11 seconds. 
Speechless. I can hardly make it up my steps in 11 seconds much less run a football field. 

..and finally, twitter. Half of my night was spent laughing at tweets while taking breaks to watch the commercials. It was a great night for social media for sure. 

So there you have it. Not your typical Superbowl post but that is what kept me at the edge of my seat last night. What were your highlights of the night?


  1. Love me some Beyonce! Can she be the star every halftime?!?

  2. I LOVED when the rest of Destiny's Child came out - I was hoping they'd keep going! And oh man, Flacco... mmm mm!

  3. Love it..I'm not much of a football fan myself, but did enjoy it this year! I loved that Michael Oher (The Blind Side) was on the Ravens so I was happy they won!


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