Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Ramblings

Well hello there friends! It's been a good week since I was able to post anything around here. Why you may ask? Because my fairly new computer decided to completely crash for no apparent reason. Not cool. One week, a small headache and a pretty chunk of change and we are back up and running. Thank goodness! Since I am so far behind I'm just going to do a quick catch up of what's been going on lately. 

I've been going strong with the whole plant based whole foods diet and have truly been enjoying it. I have been taking a small break from it on the weekends though. My very first "cheat" meal was this buffalo chicken wrap and french onion soup, complete with a strawberry daiquiri. Oh em gee... so good! 

One sip of this and you will be ready for 80+ degree weather and a beach chair. I have to say I was ready for that way before I ordered this though! 

My buffalo chicken wrap inspired J to whip up some vegan buffalo chicken wraps made with tofu instead of chicken. I had never had tofu and was extremely hesitant. They turned out amazing though! I honestly couldn't tell much of a difference. This picture was before they were cooked and the sauce was added. I should have taken another one when they were ready but I was starving and therefore no time for pictures. 

I haven't bowled since my freshman year of college when I took an actual bowling class ( I ended up in that class I do not know). Some friends and I decided to switch up our normal Saturday night and head out for a night of Extreme bowling. So much fun, even for J who might have been the only male in a sea of girls. Haha

A coworker and very close friend of mine going out on the town one night. Everyone at school since day 1 has said we resemble each other. What do you think? Funny story, when I interviewed for my job I found out later that when I left my interview the janitor asked my current principle why she was interviewing me since I already worked there. It was actually Katie that already worked at the school but he thought I was her. Ha! We now work on the same hall, teach the same grade, have become great friends. Confusing staff and students daily(;

Out that same night celebrating Carroll's birthday! 

Most of these pictures are from the weekend so I have to quickly add that my "week day life" aka eat, sleep, first grade, repeat.. has been so rewarding lately. I've been going to bed not dreading going to "work" but instead excited for another day to teach my kiddos. They have been extra sweet lately and I seem to be extra energized and ready to try new things. Love this feeling!

Now I'm starting another week with a possibility of snow. I may be a tad bit of a grinch when I say GO AWAY SNOW! I have way too many things to do (whole brain teaching seminar, 100th day of school, valentines day) for snow to shut down eastern NC. Fingers crossed it's nothing big! 


  1. French onion soup is one of my favorite things, and that one looks so good!


  2. Mmmm...that first meal is certainly cheat-worthy, haha!


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