Monday, May 23, 2016


I'll go ahead and warn you I took my fair share of pictures this weekend! When you have a gorgeous view that is just what you do!! Justin and I had such a nice and low key weekend. Friday when we got off work we were both ready for some mental relaxation. Justin LOVES doing yard work.. crazy right?! So he headed outdoors and I spent the evening trying out some calligraphy. I have always wanted to learn and even bought a book last year but was so busy wedding planning I never had the time to dig in. I pulled the book and tools out that have been sitting in the corner of our bedroom and got to work. It was so relaxing! I am going to continue practicing and trying to learn this new skill! Saturday I had a to babysit all morning and early afternoon. As soon as I finished up we headed to the Holden house for the night. We had another couple over Saturday night to grill out burgers and take in the view. We were so busy catching up I never got a picture after they arrived.

Sunday was spent relaxing in the morning- coffee, the news, cloudy skies and a nap before we finally ventured out of the house at noon. We tried out a {new to us} restaurant and took a walk at the far end of Holden beach. I have been to Holden beach many times but have never walked to the far east end. We walked as far as we could to the very end where at low tide you can see and almost walk right to Oak Island. It was breathtakingly beautiful yesterday. We had the BEST time taking in the view, snapping pictures and watching the boats. We even stumbled on this mailbox hidden in the dunes. It is called the Holden Golden Memories mailbox and inside are notebooks and a pen where people that pass by can jot down a thought, note, letter or whatever they please. I know there is a similar mailbox like this on Ocean Isle Beach but had no idea Holden had one. It was such a fun surprise! Justin and I both left a little note inside! Right after that the poor hubby had an accident cutting his foot on an oyster shell so we ended the walk to head home and doctor him up. We managed to still sneak in an ice-cream break before ending the day. Weekends truly are the best! I was super sad to see this one end. I don't want to wish time away but I'm already counting down to next weekend! 

isn't this how every 5:00 should be spent?!


  1. That sounds like the perfect summer weekend! And how cute are you in that first picture?!

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  2. Perfect weekend down by the water! I love that blue dress you have on!

  3. What a fun weekend!! Sounds so relaxing! Sorry your hubby cut his foot - hope he's feeling better (granted, nothing a little ice cream can't help ;))

  4. You look absolutely adorable in that first picture! That mailbox sounds so sweet!


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