Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Anna Claire l 5 Months

Anna Claire is 5 months old today! Not a lot has changed since last month as far as her eating, sleeping, and that kind of thing so instead of repeating everything from her 4 month post I'll just recap some of the things that are new for our little bug! 

-This month she figured out she could put her feet in her mouth and it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

-Anna Claire wants to grab, hold and put anything and everything in her mouth. If she locks eyes on an object she is going to let you know she wants it. I think she is starting to teeth because she drools constantly and loves to chew pretty much anything. She has lots of teething toys and she loves them all. 

- She is also starting to lunge and try to grab our food so I am SO excited to start solids next month! Right now she is still exclusively breastfed but I can't wait to see her start trying some other foods!! I am ordering her highchair this week.

- She used to rock church services sleeping through most of it but this month she is much more active and too distracted to sleep which results in lots of adorable squeals that seem to echo in church SO .. after two or three Sundays of having to leave the service we decided to try church nursery and she rocked it! I just knew I would be paged back to come get her but she was an angel! 

- Anna Claire has so many nicknames- most frequently being called boom shock. I have no idea where this came from but it has just stuck between me and her daddy. We love our little boom shock! 

-She loves her exersaucer, playing on her tummy time back (especially in the mornings) even though she gets very little tummy time because she will just instantly roll right over! She LOVES being held and bounced and loves holding our fingers. 

- This month she visited my college town and powered through her first hurricane! 


  1.! That smile and that outfit with the scalloped neck is to die for! What a doll! Happy Wednesday friend! xo

  2. She just gets cuter & cuter as the months go by! I can't wait to see what high chair you pick for her & how her journey to start solids goes!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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