Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lady Like

I'm a little late but have recently jumped on the amazon bandwagon. I now have a wish list with a million things, mainly books, that I want/need!! I'm thinking a kindle will be one of the next investments! While browsing amazon I happened to come across tons of books about ettiqute, advice about life, money, eating and so much more. After browsing all of these I came across a book entitled "how to be a lady" and saw that there were several copies available. If you have used amazon before you probably know there is a price shown and then something like "49 new and 30 used copies available" all at different prices. Well I was shocked when I saw this little brand new hardback book for sale for FIFTY CENT. Yes, 5 dimes... half of a dollar, one gumball!! I figured whether this book was full of crap or actual usefull advice I would pay the three dollar shipping for a subtotal of less than five dollars and check it out. Well my book finally arrived and I am very pleased! Many things listed are common since but many others are actual usefull advice.

It's sometimes easy to forget to always mind your p & q's, especially in a time when everyone seems to be forgetting their manners. I haven't read the whole book as it's not something you really sit down and read in one sitting. More of little bits of advice throughout. Here are a few things listed:
"If a lady must excuse herself from the dinner
table, she simply says, "Excuse me." No
further explanation necessary"

"A lady leaves her cell phone at home if at all posible
when she is enjoying a night out on the town"

"A lady graciously accepts a compliment. She does
not downgrade herself as if she did not deserve
the admiration from the other person. She
simple responds with "Thank You."


  1. You totally need to get a kindle! Amazing! Love reading your blog :)

  2. Amazon is abolutely the best! It has just about everything anybody could ever want and I usually end up with a much wishlist much larger than I could ever afford.

  3. 50 cents is CRAZY good for a hardcover book! glad you like it, too :)

  4. Oooh, I love books like these! They're also super cute to use for decorating on a nightstand, etc!


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