Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretty Dresses

Last night I was watching What Not to Wear with my family and the question "What would you buy with $5,000" came up. (It has to be on clothes of course) Someone said work clothes, my sisters boyfriend said shoes but my sister and I agreed we would spend the money on dresses! I would buy a pair of pants or two and a few tops, but other than that I would be content wearing only dresses. To me a dress is the easiest piece of clothing to wear year round. You don't have to match a top to a dress or find which pants look best. A dress is so easy and comfortable!! (to me at least!) You can also wear them SO many ways!

you can wear just the dress

or add a cardigan

pair it with boots

add heels

in the summer

in the winter

and obviously a million other ways! Do any of you love dresses as much as I do?

Me in one of my favorite seersucker dresses last summer!


  1. I love dresses as well! So versatile and so cute!

  2. Love, love, love the seersucker! In my opinion it's the best fabric there is!

  3. I am all about some dresses too! If I had my way I'd wear a new dress a new way every day!

  4. When It comes to dresses, I am obsessed. No matter the season, color, price, whatever...if I'm drawn to a dress, then I will make it happen!

  5. I absolutely agree! I think you can accesorise better when wearing dresses as well, with bright tights etc in winter. Great selection you have picked!

  6. I feel the same way! If I could, I'd wear dresses everyday!

  7. I wouldn't survive without dresses. It is so much easier to wear a dress and a sweater than to try and put an entire other outfit together!


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