Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senior Year Bucket List

I had lots of request to know what was on my roommates and I senior year bucket list yesterday! We decided to make this spur of the moment and headed Supdogs, a local hot dog/bar favorite. Mind you we were in matching outfits and walking into Supdogs with crayola markers. Silly I know, but so much fun! We laughed the entire time. We even met more people who wanted to join in on the coloring fun! We ended up with this list, but have it posted at our house and are going to add things as we think of them!

On our bucket list:
(many of these things are specific to my school)

  1. Go for a swim in the fountain on campus
  2. Go to a Phi Tau bonfire
  3. Sing Karaoke
  4. Go to trivia night (and kick booty!)
  5. Run the stadium steps
  6. Take a picture with the stone ECU sign
  7. Eat "B's!" Barbecue (a local FAVORITE)
  8. Downtown scavenger hunt (visit every bar in one night)
  9. Follow the North Star home (inside joke!!)
  10. Watch a UNC game downtown
  11. Watch the sunrise
  12. Do a flip on the bus
  13. Take a dance class at the Rec Center
  14. Drop off a goodie basket at the chancellors house
That's it! Some simple things, some funny .. none the less all things we hope to do before May! Here are some of our other colorings from the night that ended up to be very humorous.

I am super late mentioning this, I can't believe it took me so long!  A few weeks ago I won a fabulous giveaway from Ashley at Everyday AEM I won a pair of fun Kate Spade socks!! I have really enjoyed the socks and even more getting to know her through her blog! Thanks Ashley!!


  1. so cool! youll have to blog about each task you complete =]

  2. ooh kate spade what an awesome win! and i love your bucket list, you better keep us updated when you cross things off!!

  3. Ahhh I miss college!!! My friends and I had a bucket list... we didn't get to all of them. Definitely have some regrets about that but we did our best haha.


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