Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Under The Boardwalk

Under the boardwalk, we'll be having some fun.

I am having an itch to escape to the beach..

I want to wear shorts

and relax all day on the beach

and eat fresh seafood

and do a little shopping

and go to bed tired from my slight sunburn

That is all.. it's not too much to ask is it? Anyone live by the sea that would like me to visit?!(:


  1. I NEED the beach right now. I need anywhere but here pretty much. Road trip? haha.

  2. Oh that picture is too cute! And yes I have the same itch !

  3. I live about five minutes away from the beach - you can come visit if you want! lol. I sometimes wonder if I didn't live near the beach, if I would miss it a lot and miss beach days. Even though I live in Florida, I barely go to the beach. But I do LOVE it at the same time.

  4. Let's plan a trip together--the beach sounds fabulous right about now! :)

  5. Oh don't! I am longing for summer! Slight sunburn is quite nice, isn't it? That glow at the end of the day, with a nice chilled white wine... ahhhh...

  6. I would LOVE to take a beach trip!! Sand, sun, and nothing to do? I can't think of anything better!


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