Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is it possible to have too much fun?

Ohh friends, I can't tell you how much fun this past weekend was at Carolina Cup. With all the fun it took me a few days to recouperate and get back on the blog world to give you a recap. No fear, I'm fully rested. I can't say I'm not a little sad though- recapping makes me want to go back!

When my friends and I arrived Friday afternoon we got dolled up and then went to meet up with my friends that attend USC. They took us to see the ZTA house on USC campus. I had seen it before but got to actually stop and take a picture this time. We then went out for dinner and drinks before heading to the bar. It was as I expected and East Carolina students took over. My USC friends tell me every year that cup weekend there are more pirates around than there are gamecocks.

In front of ZTA at USC

friends from USC

Daniel and I

I finally made it home a little past my bedtime and slept amazing until my 7am alarm went off. It's funny how easy it is to wake up when you have something fun going on but how hard it is to wake up when you have work or school, ha. After getting ready I met up with a group of ZTA girls who had rented a bus to drive us from Columbia to Camden. My hair was immediately ruined by the rain. It rained the entire way to Camden but luckily stopped by the time we arrived! The rest of the day was bright and sunny. What good luck! Carolina Cup was an absolute blast. I met up with several friends from schools all over NC as well as many of my fellow ECU friends
my friend Jared from USC and I before leaving the hotel
roomates with matching seersucker dresses and matching mongrammed mason jars(;

Ashley and I

That night after cup we were up and at it again. Tired or not we had to make the most of our weekend! I'm so glad we did because this was the funniest night I have had in a LONG time.


  1. What a fun weekend! You seriously looked adorable the whole time!


  2. aww yay! I'm glad you had fun! And I love your cup dress! It's so cute!(:

  3. You look adorable! So glad you had fun!

  4. Looks like SO much fun! Love your dresses! Glad you had a great time!

  5. I am SO glad you had so much fun! This was my first year not being there after four so fun times. Jealous but excited it was a blast all at the same time!

  6. Looks like you had a blast! I miss the college days!

  7. Looks like so much fun!! I love the dress you wore Friday night and the picture of you in the VV whale hat!!

  8. Looks like such an amazing time and so much fun! Loving the picture of you in the VV whale hat! xo

  9. I love your dress, you look so pretty! That sounds like SO much fun! Some of my friends go to USC, and they always have the best time at the Carolina Cup!

  10. So much fun! I am dying over those mason jars, how cute!

  11. That looks like SOO much fun! And I loveeeee your dress - adorable!!


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