Monday, April 16, 2012


Dear Self,

I realize that after having a week off from school and visiting the beach you realize that the end is near and this summer is very promising of fun times. However, this is no excuse for the laziness you are exhibiting the past couple of days. I am officially diagnosing you with a case of senioritis. It is a very common but powerful disease with no cure other than graduation. Symptoms include lack of motivation, increased sleeping, and day dreaming of summer. Luckily for you graduation is in a mere 18 days. In the mean time, please remember you do have a few more assignments to complete and second graders to tend to. I know you can make it- and please, stop napping on the couch.

Concerned Self


  1. HAHAHAHA yessss.... this is my life right now!!!!! This gorgeous weather in Greenville isn't helping!

  2. Ahhh, senioritis is the worst!! You're so close to the end though!! Also, I need updates on the teaching track--are you still thinking of doing the Masters?

  3. I love the I was going to do something today quote. I can totally relate even though I don't have senioritis but it is nearing the school year for me too!

  4. I can't even imagine my procrastination getting any worse right now, so I'm sure you're feeling like doing absolutely nothing since you're so close to the end! You can do it though--there's not that much time left!!

  5. I'm starting to feel that way about there a teacher-itis that happens right before summer!? I totally have it if so! Good luck in your last weeks!


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