Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

You know those little things you know probably aren't the best for your mind/body/soul/wallet/etc but you love them so much you just don't really care? I have so many guilty pleasures I enjoy so much that little else matters. I've done this post a while back but some of my old addictions (such as criminal minds) have faded to new addictions. FYI though- I still have a weird love for Criminal Minds, however, I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode so it just isn't as fun anymore :( 

Number 1: Coffee

I think it's because fall is getting closer and because my days are busier. Whenever I drink coffee I become so much more productive! Coffee isn't the problem however, it's the quantity. If I let myself I would drink two cups in the morning, two in the afternoon and depending on my work load more at night. That's n.o.t  o.k.a.y I'm doing pretty good limiting myself to mornings but it's hard. Is it really that bad for you?! 

How true is that? Which brings me to Number 2. 
A Good Book

This isn't really a "guilty" pleasure just more of a current obsession. The book I'm currently on is The Daily Five. Unless you are in education you probably haven't heard of it. It's a professional book teaching you how to set up daily reading centers. I won't bore you with details but I plan on using the system in my classroom and am trying to soak up all the information I can. Does anyone else use this method? I would love suggestions! I'm worried about not having enough time (we're encouraged to have 90 minutes of guided reading groups) and also wondering do students have to hit every station every day or is only 4 okay?

Number 3: Peanut Butter! 

What gives?! I don't get it.. I used to hate peanut butter! I was never a Pb&j girl growing up nor did I like peanut butter cookies, etc. All of a sudden I am wanting to eat it by the spoonful. How bad is this for me? I'm obsessed. Weird, I know. 

Number 4: My Shows

Every season is different when it comes to the shows I am watching. Right now you can bet I am DVR'ing The Bachelor Pad, Pretty Little Liars, Suits and Political Animals. Political Animals is brand new and so so good!! I love it! 

Number 5: Black Dresses 

I have way too many solid black dresses. I'm not going to give you a number because it's kinda ridiculous. I bought a new one last weekend from Banana Republic outlet and my mom was quick to remind me I already have a billion similar ones. Why do I keep buying them?! Well, they are easy, can be paired with anything.. boots or sandals, scarves, necklaces, the list goes on and on. I can wear them anywhere, school, out, dinner, shopping. They look good. I just like them and they are ALL different. Believe it or not they are! My explanation is really to convince myself it's okay that I have them all but hopefully you agree.(:

That's it for today, anyone have the same guilty pleasures as me? Hopefully they aren't too bad! 


  1. I am right there with you on coffee and peanut butter! There is just something about a big cup of coffee on a chilly morning that you cannot beat. Have you ever tried peanut butter with a banana? Add a glass of milk and you have an out of this world snack!

  2. Oooh I love a good book! We're about to leave for the beach so I've been stocking up.

  3. Girl, you can never have enough LBDs! Don't feel guilty about that :) And I could totally live off of peanut butter. My latest obsession has been putting peanut butter and honey on waffles (just the frozen kind). SO good!


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