Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week 1 Survival

I survived the first full week and my first open house! I honestly did not realize it was possible to work as hard as I have the past few weeks. It's a-okay with me though because my classroom is ready and school starts Monday! (now lesson plans are another story.. ) For the past week I have dreamed of bulletin boards, curriculum guides, to do list and everything school related. Thursday was open house for my school and I could not have asked for it to have gone better! I was beyond nervous for it to start but as soon as the first parent walked in it was non stop from then on. I had all but two kids show up. I can now officially say I have the SWEETEST little babies ever and I know for a fact we are going to have a great year!! I loved seeing the enthusiasm of my students. Unlike my college friends who are dreading the start of another school year, my first graders can't wait. One mom told me her daughter asked to wear her special dress and bow because she has been waiting all week for open house. How p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s.  I gave out these little treats to thank them for "popping in."

In between all of the meetings and trainings I had time to finish my room and am very pleased with the turnout!! 

I also have a side with all windows but forgot to take a picture! 

Now that the decorating aspect is complete I am focusing on back to school lesson plans. I have written more lesson plans than I can possibly count over the past few years but NEVER one for the first week of school. I'm soooo nervous what I'm planning is too much curriculum, not enough, not enough procedures, too many, too easy, too difficult, not enough for the day, too much, blah blah blah. Any other teachers out there that would like to share advice I'll gladly take it(:

I wish I had more to share other than classroom news but that is literally the only thing that has been occurring in my life at the moment. I guess I'm off to keep lesson planning, happy weekend friends! 


  1. How precious is that rug!? Where did you get that, my room needs it! :) You are going to be such a wonderful teacher! I can't wait to see how your year goes!

  2. So cute and Congrats!!! What fun! Erica

  3. I love the "Just Popping In" treats. I'm sure everyone loved them!

  4. Your classroom looks so cute! Best of luck this week :)


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