Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moving Right Along

Can you believe it's almost October?! I certainly cannot. We are a full month and more into school and moving at a very fast pace. Days are long but seem to get a little better everyday. I think it's because I am able to start my days with pumpkin spice lattes, wear riding boots and have football to look forward to on the weekends! 

Last weekend I headed to Raleigh Friday night to visit my old roommate. I was very surprised by the biker week that seemed to be going on downtown.. interesting to say the least. Saturday was time to put  on my purple and gold and head to Chapel Hill for the football game!! I met my parents as well as some friends there. I had the best time even though the score wasn't quite the best. (: 

We have another game this weekend against UTEP and I am beyond ready. It's been a month since we had a home football game!! 

Such a true statement.. 

School is something else. My kids are absolutely wonderful, non stop talking and all. (: 
This week we learned about community helpers and had a visit from a nurse, firefighter, truck driver, and police man! We got to tour an 18 wheeler (so fun) and tomorrow we are having a parade around school in our community helper costumes!! Fun fun!!

Tomorrow is jean day at school, payday, and it's Friday so I know I am going to have a great day. I hope yours is fabulous as well! 

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