Monday, May 20, 2013

My weekend

This weekend my family headed to the lake for a little relaxation. There were scattered thunderstorms but it didn't stop us from enjoying the lake a little bit! We spent the first night just my sister and I watching hour upon hour of Law and Order, eating Oreo pie. Whoops, so much for a healthy night in. 

Saturday I was able to eat a HUGE breakfast which I had been craving.. take not one but two naps, read 100+ pages of my new book, go on a short run and lay out. A Saturday well spent if you ask me! 

Nap number two might have happened while I was laying out. How precious is Cooper holding down the fort?! 

..On a random note, this is the new book I started. It's called The Same Sweet Girls. I'm loving it so far! I'll be sure to share more once I finish. 

Sunday didn't get any more productive seeing as I discovered The Lying Games on Netflix and managed to watch almost an entire season. I hadn't ever seen the show but quickly discovered it's very addictive. Any other Lying Game fans out there?

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. A weekend at the lake is always a perfect weekend <3

  2. Just found your blog! I am a fellow NC girl and work in the school system too :)


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