Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Beverages

It is finally starting to really feel like spring is here and summer is approaching. We have had a chillier May than I remember having in the past. We have a high of 90 in my parts today! With the warm weather I have been adjusting my go to drinks throughout the day. In the winter I love coffee/hot tea and things of that nature but right now I'm wanting beverages that are more refreshing. No one can drink chai tea poolside obviously! Here are some of my top go to drinks for the warmer weather. 

We can't let the neighborhood kids down so lemonade is a must! 

On the days I'm tired of regular lemonade I plan to try this peach lemonade!
(I am a sucker for anything peach) 

My newest favorite is flavored sparkling water 
It will also be perfect to add fresh fruit to this summer!

and last, I don't drink many sodas but I think 
ginger ale can be so refreshing!  especially when I'm not feeling well (sunburnt evenings) 

What are your go to warm weather drinks?


  1. I love water with pineapple! Mm mm mm! So yummy and so refreshing:-)

  2. Yum, that peach lemonade looks to die for! I love summer drinks! :)


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