Thursday, May 29, 2014

Graduation festivities

I had my first true "OMG, I'm old.." moment a few weeks ago. My little, but no so little, sister graduated from East Carolina University! To say I am proud of her would be an understatement. I'm so very happy I could spend the weekend sharing this special moment with her! Graduating is definitely just a stepping stone in God's journey for her. I know she is off to big things in her future. I mean she has already scored a summer internship doing mission work in Taiwan/Raleigh/New York. Told ya, big things! 

We started the weekend off at the commencement ceremony where all 2014 graduates were honored. It took place in Dowdy Ficklen football stadium so I felt right at home. So many good memories in that stadium! Countless Pirate football games, my college graduation and now Ginny's! 

After the ceremony we headed home to have a joint BBQ grad party with a close family friend who was also graduating. Caroline is like a second sister to me so it was very exciting to share the moment with her as well! We had the best time taking it easy that day sipping champagne and sharing stories. 

The next day my sister had her smaller departmental graduation. I might have shed a tear as she walked across the stage. Bittersweet moment for me. That evening I was able to have dinner with some close friends that were in town for my grand little's graduation. So many people to celebrate in one weekend! 

 so blurry :( 

It was such a fun weekend! Congratulations Ginny Lynn.. I am SO proud of the amazing woman you have become! 

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