Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wedding Season

It's no secret I have been a little very MIA lately. I've missed this little ole' blog so very much. I'm excited to be back to share all of the happenings going on in my world! 

Wedding season is in full swing. Justin and I will have attended four weddings in a two month time frame before this spring ends. We have been to two so far and have two more to go. I have no complaints about it though. It's so fun to get dressed up and see old friends all while sharing such a special day with the bride and groom. Having an excuse to travel doesn't hurt either! We ventured to Greensboro for one wedding and Wilmington for the other. 

Oh and you know what makes weddings even better? It's the perfect excuse to shop! I got both the first Lilly dress and the second J-Crew dress for over half off. Win in my book! 

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