Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday & Updates

I can't believe it's already Wednesday!! I had post scheduled for the past two days and never got around to posting them because of how crazy things have been. I have been spending my days working in my classroom getting ready for back to school. The teacher that was in the room before me retired which means she has a lot of stuff. It has been quite the job sorting through everything. I am finally starting to see some progress but still have a ways to go. The countdown is on.. open house is next week!! 

When I'm not getting ready for back to school I have been getting ready for our move. Y'all.. we have our final walk through tomorrow, we close on THURSDAY and will be moving our things into the house on Friday! I can't believe our move in day is finally here! I hope you are ready for all sorts of home related post coming up. (: 

In the few spare moments I have between work and home I have been babysitting the sweetest little one and celebrating all things wedding for my friend Sarah whose wedding day is a mere 44 days away! Speaking of Sarah let's move on to Wedding Wednesday. This weekend I was able to go visit Sarah in Charlotte for her bridal luncheon. Early Saturday morning we headed to the bridal shop to try on our {gorgeous} bridesmaid dresses and pick out our favorite earrings. It's always so much fun being there .. I mean what girl doesn't love to play dress up?! Afterwards we headed to the country club where her reception will be held. We were fed almond glazed chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans and topped it off with homemade strawberry cake. YUM! 

Her aunt then told us we were going to continue a long southern tradition of "ribbon pulling". There were charms tied with ribbon under the bottom of the cake. Each girl pulled the ribbon and revealed there charm. All of them had a card to go with it explaining what the charm meant. I pulled a number seven which said I would live a life of good fortune. Not bad right? (: It was a neat addition to the luncheon! After cake we got to open our gifts which included all things monogrammed. A coat hanger, button up shirt and tumbler all personalized. So sweet! I forgot to snap a picture of the goodies but I did steal this one from another bridesmaid. 

Her grandmother made this beauty!!

Sarah pulling her ribbon 

later in the evening going out for dinner

I may be busy but it also has me counting my blessings.. such good friends, a new house and a job I love. What more could I ask for?! 


  1. Love that cake tradition! I remember seeing it at my cousin's bridal shower when I was a little girl and loving it! None of my close friends have gotten engaged yet, but I know the time is coming, and I can't wait! Can't wait to see more house pics!

  2. Going to keep that cake tradition in mind for my friends shower next summer... love that! Yay for the new house!! Can't wait for home update posts :)

  3. I am obsessed with the blue dress you are wearing in the first picture - where is that from?!

    I am loving the wedding updates. So much fun stuff to look forward to!


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