Monday, September 1, 2014

Two Week Rewind

After a two week disappearance from the blog I'm back and ready to play catch up! In the past two weeks I have moved into our new house, started the school year at a new school, spent time babysitting and hosted visiting friends. Moving AND back to school at the same time is no joke hence the little blog break. (: 

The day we closed I spent the whole day at our new house cleaning and preparing to move furniture in the following day. This was also the day I mistakenly caught our oven on fire. Yes, the FIRST day we moved in I caught the oven on fire. Can I bless my own heart for this one? [Note to self; never use the self clean option again]

We were so lucky to have tons of family help us make the big move! We loaded up a 20' U-Haul, ordered some pizza and got busy moving in. It was such an exciting day for us!

After the move it was time to prepare for my sweet first graders. I've been told there is no tired like teacher tired at the beginning of the school year and I have to say this is 100% accurate. I've been going non stop at school and haven't paused to snap pictures of my new classroom but I'm going to fix that tomorrow. J even helped me get ready for back to school. ;) 

We have had several friends come to town which was the perfect way to end the summer! I was slacking on the pictures but I did get this one when I visited Caroline in Murrell's Inlet. Every time I go there I think of Party Down South... does anyone else watch that ridiculous but slightly addicting show?

..any extra time between all of that has been filled with babysitting. Is there anything more precious than this?! I normally just watch D who is 2 years old but when some friends came to town for Labor Day I had the opportunity to keep their 3 month old as well. Melt my heart. I wanted to bring them both home with me. So sweet!! 

I'll be back tomorrow with some sneak peeks of the house!! Happy Labor Day friends!


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  2. Congratulations on the new house!!! Moving is exhausting so I can't even imagine doing that on TOP of starting back to school! Hang in there lady :)


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