Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Favorite Cookbooks

The older I have gotten I have developed a new love for cookbooks. But as I mentioned in this post, not just any cookbook. I like a functional cookbook that is easy to use. with plenty of pictures, clear steps and most importantly filled with recipes I actually would want to make. A cookbook full of things I will not cook is a waste of space! Other than functionality I also love cookbooks that are simply pretty and have hints of the south all through them. I've found several that include stories with the recipes and that just makes my heart giddy. When I get a new cookbook that I love I will seriously sit down and read it like a book. Maybe it's a problem? I like to just think I am newer to the world of cooking so it's my way of learning. Either way... I love cookbooks! Here are some of my favorites in case you are looking for a new one or a gift for someone. These are so pretty they make the best gifts! Wrap with a kitchen towel or a cookbook stand and you have the perfect gift. 

The Southern Living Community Cookbook

The Southern Living Community Cookbook is my favorite one to gift. They took all of the best recipes from local community cookbooks from all over the south and put them in one book. The pages are GORGEOUS and the food is simply delicious. Many of the recipes have a short story with them and all show what part of the south and who the recipe came from. It reminds me of a local junior league cookbook on Southern Living steroids. I probably gave 5 of these out as Christmas gifts this year!

The Southerners Cookbook

This is one of my newer cookbooks so I haven't made a ton of recipes out of it yet. The ones I have made did not disappoint. This one reads like a book. Beautiful photographs of the south are all through the book as well as stories. 

South Your Mouth

South Your Mouth is simple real home cooking. I love this cookbook because most receipes call for ingredients I already have in my pantry and there aren't a ton of steps. Meatloaf, pork chops, green beans... these are the kind of staples you can find in her cookbook. A fancy dish is nice for get together's and special occasions but this cookbook is filled with dishes that are perfect for weeknight dinners. 

Deep Run Roots 

I just posted about this cookbook here so I wont go in to too much detail. The owner and chef at Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, NC wrote this beautiful cookbook filled with local favorites. It is like a textbook it is so full of information and stories! 

Better Homes and Garden New Cookbook 15th Edition 

This was the first cookbook I received as a gift for graduation. I love this cookbook because it lays out all the basics a new cook would need. How to measure, store, prepare, produce shop, etc. It answers all the questions that may come up when cooking. Many pages also have step by step picture directions which is nice to have! This is the least "fun" cookbook out of the ones I have listed but one of the more practical ones. 

Paula Deen Celebrates!

I have been a Paula Deen fan for forever and have had this cookbook for quite some time. She lays her recipes out by celebrations. There are chapters for New Years, Fourth of July, Easter, Mardi Gras and so many more celebrations. I like to get ideas for holiday meals from this book even if I don't make everything suggested. She also gives little stories for each of the celebrations and "pearls of wisdom". This was one of my first favorite cookbooks that sparked an interest for me. 

Are there any cookbooks you just love? 


  1. I love cookbooks! My parents have an amazing used bookstore near their house so I love getting vintage cookbooks from there - I never really use them though lol I need to get better at that

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  3. I love cookbooks too! It's one of my favorite things to do at my nanny's house!!


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