Monday, March 6, 2017

UNC VS Duke & a 30th Birthday

This weekend my sister and brother in law came to town to celebrate his birthday as well as my husband, Justin's 30th birthday. Their birthdays are two days apart and Justin is a HUGE Carolina basketball fan while Doug is a huge Duke fan. We decided to watch the UNC VS DUKE game as their birthday party and just prayed the two brother in laws would still be friends after the game! Ha. I'm happy to report they are still speaking. (; 

We decided to have his family and just a few friends over for pizza, wings and finger foods. I think a great time was had by all.. especially Justin because Carolina won! The best decision I made was to make the food simple this year- I ordered pizza and a cake and then just had to whip up some easy chicken wings. In the past I have cooked a lot more and made a homemade cake. While homemade is always good it's no fun to spend all day in the kitchen when you have family in town and the clean up was much easier this way. I think it turned out perfect. My sister and mother in law made some appetizers: stuffed mushrooms, dill pickle dip and chili cheese hamburger dip. Yum! 

It was Justin's 30th but Doug's 31st

I was SO pleased with how the caked turned out! 

My mom hilariously gifted each of them a framed headshot picture of her. As a joke of course.. it was absolutely hilarious to see they faces when they opened it. 

Invitations ordered from Etsy

After the game the boys stayed up way to late hanging around the fire pit and doing whatever it is that boys do. The next morning we took my sister and brother in law to church with us and then headed over to my moms for the BEST lunch. BBQ shrimp, more chicken wings, corn on the cob and more... the best meal I've had in a while! After lunch we had to say bye to my sister and Doug and spent the rest of the evening napping and watching Hacksaw Ridge- a war movie but really good! It was such a nice weekend. I'm so sad it's over! I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Great birthday party! I'm glad that your husband's team won since it was his birthday party and all. Have a great week!

  2. What a wonderful weekend and great birthday party!!! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate :) Love your mom's gag gift!!

  3. Such a fun party! Those wings look great. & fyi, your house is precious! You should do a home tour (:

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