Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Blog

I must tell you I am completely NEW to the world of blogging! I had a little inspiration from some blog pages I thought were fabulous and thought why not? Why can't I start one? I'll start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a junior in college in North Carolina. I am very passionate about my major which is Elementary Education. I honestly believe it is the best major to pick from! I have an amazing boyfriend. I am from the South and have one younger sister who is in her freshman year at the same school as me! I love having her around, she is truly an inspiration to me. I'm not sure where I want this blog to go? Maybe you can give me some suggestions. What is on my mind today is: THE WEATHER!! It is supposed to reach 70-75 degrees tomorrow! This is not normal February weather and I could not be more excited! I have spent the morning trying to make plans for myself that will involve me to be outside all day. So far I have came up with a major walk session with my basset hound, possibly heading to do some shopping at an outdoor shopping center and eating lunch/dinner outside. I'm still brainstorming though! I have officially caught spring fever! Who can help but catch spring fever when all of the stores have bright colors and wedges out!