Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moving Right Along

Can you believe it's almost October?! I certainly cannot. We are a full month and more into school and moving at a very fast pace. Days are long but seem to get a little better everyday. I think it's because I am able to start my days with pumpkin spice lattes, wear riding boots and have football to look forward to on the weekends! 

Last weekend I headed to Raleigh Friday night to visit my old roommate. I was very surprised by the biker week that seemed to be going on downtown.. interesting to say the least. Saturday was time to put  on my purple and gold and head to Chapel Hill for the football game!! I met my parents as well as some friends there. I had the best time even though the score wasn't quite the best. (: 

We have another game this weekend against UTEP and I am beyond ready. It's been a month since we had a home football game!! 

Such a true statement.. 

School is something else. My kids are absolutely wonderful, non stop talking and all. (: 
This week we learned about community helpers and had a visit from a nurse, firefighter, truck driver, and police man! We got to tour an 18 wheeler (so fun) and tomorrow we are having a parade around school in our community helper costumes!! Fun fun!!

Tomorrow is jean day at school, payday, and it's Friday so I know I am going to have a great day. I hope yours is fabulous as well! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving

Happy Wednesday! 
We are HALF way through the week!!

I haven't linked up to WILW in  a while so I'm thinking this post is overdue. 

The perfect fall weather that instantly puts me in a good mood

Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. 
I know I talk about them all the time on here but they are just that good! 

These Pinterest finds 

Okay, seriously.. this is genius. Why haven't I seen this before?

so funny.. I want! When does this movie come out??

Southern Perfection

Melt my hear. How sweet!

and of course my precious class! 

Monday, September 10, 2012


In the south fall and football seem to go hand in hand. Saturdays are spent tailgating unless there is an away game in which Saturdays are still spent tailgating, just in front of a T.V. (: At ECU it has been said our town doesn't tailgate, we throw a city wide rager. Not something to brag about but definitely true. On game day don't plan on doing anything that doesn't involve the football game. It doesn't matter where you go in town traffic is backed up, purple and gold is EVERYWHERE, flags are flying, pigs are cooking and pirates are tailgating until the cannon signals the start of the game. Football was a huge part of my college experience. I am so lucky/excited that I get to enjoy another year, this time as alumni, cheering on my team!

Browsing on Pinterest I came across this photo which for some reason reminding me of high school football games. 

Coming from a high school that won the State Championship several years in a row it's safe to say football was a HUGE part of my life then as well. (we can even bring it back to middle school actually..) haha

anyway the point is. Fall is officially (pretty much) here and I'm so excited for game time!! 


on another note. 
I got SO many loving hugs from my students today. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


It's amazing how needed weekends are after a long work week! Having time to relax actually makes me ready and excited to go back to school on Monday! Now ready for school and ready for my 5:30 am alarm clock are too different things. 

Friday night my mom came into town. We ate dinner together before I headed out with some friends for the night. The Embers were playing at one of my favorite hangout spots so of course I had to attend! It was quite the night and so much fun! Saturday my mom sister and family friends headed to Little Washington for the day. The weather was absolutely perfect for a day full of shopping, eating, and walking the waterfront. 

mom and I 

me and the girlies 

mom and my "second mom" (:


I had to sport purple and gold because it was game day! However, I'm not going to go into any more detail about the game because it was not pretty. We won last weekend when we played ASU, but were far from scoring a W against USC this weekend. The day left my exhausted and in bed pretty early. Sundays are my favorite because I have time to wake up, enjoy coffee, blogging, pinning and lesson planning. That is definitely what I consider "me time."

The first two weeks of first grade have been busy busy busy but very exciting! I love my babies, talkative all day and all! We are slowly but surely beginning to learn classroom procedures and getting into our daily schedule. With READ 3D testing going on it's been hard to actually follow a set schedule. Hopefully that will wrap up by Tuesday, fingers crossed! 

On another note..
fall is so close! I can't wait for cooler weather!! Labor day has passed but the 90 degree temperatures haven't quite gone away. That doesn't mean I cannot begin wardrobe planning though! 

Slightly a bit too much but still perfection.. 

love love love

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Labor Day

Did you all have a nice Labor day? I hope so! Mine was spent dealing with a sinus infection and playing catch up on lesson plans. With my stopped up nose I'm so thankful I had the extra day off to attempt nursing myself back to health. 

Even though I was feeling a little down and had lots to do I couldn't miss a huge opportunity going on at ECU. Paul Ryan, the nominee for the republican party Vice President, arrived on East Carolina's campus Monday afternoon to share a campaign speech. There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity so I made my way to see him. It was REALLY neat to see all of the patriotic pride, students showing support, and here his speech. 

Happy Wednesday! 
(Don't you love 4 day weeks? It's already half way over!)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

So Many Happenings!

Wow, what a week! My first week of first grade is now complete and I survived. Starting school on a Monday is exhausting! I absolutely adore my students. One week with them and I can already tell I'm attached!! This week was a tad bit stressful with paperwork/transportation issues/ supplies and all of the other beginning of the year things. Hopefully that will all calm down this upcoming week and we can start diving into the curriculum! 

I'm so sad I didn't take pictures of some of our first week activities!! I'm going to try to remember to take some Tuesday and dedicate another post to sharing them. We did activities with The Kissing Hand, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Chrysanthemum. I love the way they all turned out! We also made a how we get to school graph. 

By Friday I was exhausted and ready for a little time away from my classroom. It just so happens that it was game weekend so you can imagine I was beyond excited!! My old roommate came to town about the same time I got out of school. We headed down to the local book store which sells lots of ECU merchandise and bought matching wine glasses for the game. They are so cute we couldn't resist! Later that night me and my girl friends went to see the band Liquid Pleasure play at a local tavern. They were so good and so fun!! Check out those purple sequined jackets. 

Saturday morning we woke up bright and EARLY to begin tailgating for the first football game of the season! ECU played Appalachian and won! Whew Who! The game was miserably hot but that didn't stop the fun. 

8am champagne pop to celebrate! 

(my button says "Rowdy in Dowdy" ha) 

like our wine glasses?

I'm so glad football season is here! It's by far the best time of the year! When football ends I never know what to do with my weekends. After the game Kappa Alpha had a band play at their house so we headed to that for a bit. I just love seeing everyone back in town! Alumni and students!! 

All of the fun made the weekend fly by and left me a tad tired and congested with a sore throat on Sunday. Nothing a nap and Thera Flu can't fix!! We have Monday off from school for Labor Day and I'm actually excited to spend my day lesson planning. The break must have been exactly what I needed! 

Two more important things:
 Number 1:

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out!!! YAY! 

Number 2: 
Happy Birthday to my sweet dad!! I love you!