Thursday, September 22, 2011

Falling in love with Fall

I don't think I can describe how excited I am that fall is approaching! I have been counting down the days until I could pull out my sweaters and smell the crisp fall air. I always think there are tons of exciting things going on in the fall and the weather is perfect. Not too cold, not too hot! It's hard to narrow down what I love the most about this amazing season but I'm going to try.

1. Sweater dresses and boots!
This one tops the list BY FAR.. I wish I could
wear a dress and boots every single day.. Its cute,
comfortable and so easy to dress up or down. perfect!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte
no whip cream skim milk please! 
no words can describe how amazing and
"fall like" this drink is. Props to Starbucks!

3. Football!
No explanation necessary!

4. Scarves
They make any outfit stylish instantly

This is currently hanging on my refrigerator:
I hope yall have a great day(:


  1. I have a love of fall too! However, my college town seems to dislike fall and skips right into full blown winter with inches upon inches of snow! For the time being though this fall weather is GLORIOUS and I love the exact same things as you do about fall!

  2. I absolutely love that fall bucket list! Too cute!

  3. LOVE the bucket List and Fall to me is by far the best season of the year! Football, the color of fall leaves, the weather, pumpkins, Fall Holidays, and not to mention Fall TV.... What could be better!


  4. I just LOVE fall too :) Dresses with boots and scarves are some of my favorites too!


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