Monday, September 19, 2011

Catch Up

I have been the worst blogger ever the past couple of weeks. My apologizes! With the start of school and everything else going on in my life I think I became a little overwhelmed. Even though I have not been posting, I have been keeping up with everyone elses! I think I am finally ready to get back to the swing of things. I've had so many happy thoughts running through my head, and everytime I think "I should blog about that." Here is to a new start(:

So to catch you up on a few things:

-We have had two football games
They didn't end very well but I'm sure the Pirates will
make a comeback THIS WEEKEND against UAB!

- Justin and I did break up but I think it is for the best

- Recruitment has been going on and ends TOMORROW! :)

- I just got back from New York!
Since this is my third visit to NYC I didn't spend too much time sightseeing
with the exception of visiting The Statue of Liberty. My time was spent
shopping for fall clothes and seeing The Lion King {which was AMAZING

That pretty much sums up everything major since I have been gone. I promise I will get back to normal with my postings!  


  1. new york in the (early) fall...that must have been wonderful!

  2. For some reason I had NO idea you went to ECU until I saw this post with the colors! I go to ASU in boone & know a ton of people who attend ECD...small world! NYC looks like a blast. I'm sure it was great this time of year xo

  3. What happened to you and your boo?! :(

  4. Great pictures!! :) I'm dying to go to NYC! :)


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