Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes"
-Oprah Winfrey

Lets talk shoes, My obsession! I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as too many shoes. No way, right? With fall right around the corner I am on the hunt for some good fall shoes! You can never go wrong with boots in the fall- stylish and warm. I have a pair of Steve madden brown leather boots and a pair of cowgirl boots that are my immediate fall go-to's. I get made fun of my almost everyone but I also swear by my brown Dansko's. I am in education and being on your feet all day you need some comfy shoes! I guess clogs aren't the most stylish but they sure are comfy! I want to spice things up this year with something new for these fall days/nights! These are some of my favorites I have been eyeing!

Farmar from Aldo                    Howett from Aldo

Akoupe from Aldo                      Natural Burlap Toms

Michael Kors Carla                     Tory Burch Ballerina Flat

Okay- I swear I didn't try to pick out shoes all in a camel color. I didn't even notice until just now.. whoops! I obviously need to branch out! It is my FAVORITE color right now for handbags and shoes. Maybe I will do this post over on a later date with all colorful shoes. What shoes do you have your eyes set on?

Last night I went to my friend Sarah's apartment where she made homemade chicken casserole and squash fresh from her grandmothers garden. Yum! She is becoming quite the little cook and it is A-okay with me! Class started back today as most of the damage has been cleared away. I am kind of glad- I'm ready for a more structured day. Too much free time is not always good! Today will be long with class all day and then babysitting tonight but when I get home I have my big, little and grandlittle coming over for a family taco dinner night! Yay! I have spent so much time with all of these girls lately however we haven't all four been together in a while. This is long overdue!


Sweet Thoughts(: