Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Before I get started I have to tell you that yesterday I posted my 96th post and reached 96 followers. Coincidence?! I think not!
Yesterday was tiring getting back into the swing of things. I am definitly going to have to get used to waking up early again! I babysat all day then headed straight to meetings. Recruitment is in full swing. While it's such a fun and exciting time it's always a tad bit stressful with the long hours. Anyone else lacking sleep because of it? When I finally got home I made the BEST tomato sandwhich (yum!) and tuned into Bachelor Pad. This show never suprises me with how much drama they can fit into one episode. Watching the guys synchronize swim was a pretty funny sight. I have to say they were better than the girls though! I’m getting very annoyed tired of Vienna’s attitude. She never has anything positive to say about anything! I’m still trying to figure out why Erica was crawling around spying on Jake. It’s was a tad bit creepy!

With Hurricane Irene heading this way I am planning on soaking up every bit of sun for the next day or two. I know when the weekend rolls around we will be living in a torrential downpour. I'm not a fan of rain at all. If all the rain drops were lemmon drops and gum drops, right? The only good thing about the rain is being able to break out the cute rain gear! This is what I will be sporting while Irene gets her anger out!
North Face Rain Jacket

         Hunter Rain Boots
a pretty little umbrella
Thats all for today ladies(:


  1. hope hurricane irene isn't too bad on you!

  2. I do not miss those days of recruitment! Though it can be a fun process, it is SO exhausting--good luck! And though, I'm hoping that Irene doesn't bring any serious damage, I'm kind of enjoying the rainy weather as an excuse to stay inside and relax!


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