Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello Drama!

Did you see Bachelor Pad last night? My Monday nights are no longer complete without any Ashley drama so of course I tuned in! I think I am in for a good dramatic season alright! Vienna and Kasey are getting on my nerves already. She seems so manipulative! It makes me sick that she got the third rose. I don't think she deserved Jake in the first place. Before I go any furthur I have to say this.. the Princess? Oh my goodness, you have got to be kidding me. Please get over yourself and take that tiara off your head. I was really happy to see Ames walk in the door, he makes me smile! Him and Jackie sure seemed to hit it off quick! It's going to be a good season! I'm hooked!

I got my first taste of packing today and I have to say I do not think it's going to be fun. It is HOTT and my things are heavy. I'm ready to get everything moved and settled! I am using a comforter I already have for my new bedroom but have been brainstorming room ideas. The comforter is a light blue and I want to pair it with white/cream, neutral colors and pick one accent color (orange maybe?) These are my inspiration photos via pinterest!


  1. That princess girl is a nut job and I was so mad when Jake gave the rose to Vienna and not Gia. I dont know what he sees in her?! To me shes really ugly on the outside and inside

  2. I feel the same way-my Mondays are no longer complete so I guess I'm hooked to this season's Bachelor Pad haha(dangit!) Love your blog, too cute! Good luck with the move!


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