Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup

This is what I look like. Exaggeration? Yes, possibly. I'm not sick but I do have poison ivy creeping up my leg. I don't like things being wrong with me and this is going on 8 days.. What?! rash, please stop. now. I'm finally taking my tale to the doctor to get some meds. Funny thing is I'm pretty sure it is poison ivy however it doesn't itch at all? I would show you pictures but its not a pretty sight!

Okay enough of that.. Do any of you watch Dance Moms? These moms are intense/crazy! Especially Cathy, I am beginning to not have many nice things to say about her. She is so rude! The dance last night was majorly creepy but awesome they won first on the competition overall!

Kristi's birthday was a blast! I can't believe I didn't take more pictures! She had a white tent, white tables and pink table cloths. Everything had a pink and green theme and was gorgeous! Please don't get my started on the food. It was beyond amazing. (I may have had 5+ fried green tomatoes)  Here is the only picture I did get. What a perfect family right?! (:

From left to right- little, me, big, grand little
I love these girls! 

I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

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  1. I'm addicted to dance moms! When maddies mom and chloes got in a fight...such drama! Like whose mother act like this?


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