Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm back!

I'm back! So sorry I have been MIA for what seems like days! I have been so busy enjoying the first few days in the new house. I'm relieved I can now begin catching up on all of your lovely blogs. I have been just itching to start reading! It seems like everyday another friend is moving back to town and we all have so much catching up to do. All of ZTA moved back Saturday and I can't wait to catch up with everyone TONIGHT! It is my roommates 21st birthday and there will be a celebration I can't wait for! Her parents have graciously agreed to have a caterer come and set up in our backyard. All of our friends will be over to indulge in crab cakes, cajun oysters, fried green tomatoes stuffed with pimento cheese, buffalo shrimp, sliders, and potatoes. Umm.. YUM!  After we are fully stuffed we will be heading downtown where she has our favorite bar rented out. I'm so excited!

The house is coming along good although there are still a few things needed. I'm on the search for curtains for my bedroom as well as a cheap armed chair to add. While my bedroom is still majorly in the works the living room is complete!

Whatcha think? Well that is all for now, I am off to the hair dressor. Have a wonderful day! 


  1. this is so adorable i love how things are coming together in your new place.

  2. Your blog is adorable!! Everything is looking fabulous :)


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