Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Thoughts

One thing that never fails to make me happy-
Country Music

I am a huge country music fan and have been for quite some time. I know some people say it's all the same mumble jumble but for me that's not what it is at all. I love how there is ALWAYS a song I can relate to. You will rarely catch me not listening to music. I have my Ipod on while I get ready, in the shower, in the car, at my desk before and after my students arrive/leave, when I'm walking, when I'm cooking.. seriously, always. There are a few go to country songs that immediately bring a smile to my face. It could be because they are just that good, because the beat makes me want to tap my foot or because they bring back memories. I don't know why, I just know I love these songs!!

A Woman Like You- Lee Brice

All Day Long- Billy Currington

What Country Is- Luke Bryan

Cleaning This Gun- Rodney Atkins

Calling Baton Rouge- Garth Brooks
Good Ole' American Way- Justin Moore
Hell on Heels- Pistol Annies
Somethin' bout a Truck- Kip Moore
Live a Little- Kenny Chesney

Honestly I could go on all day, I can't pick a favorite!
I think a lot of the songs I listen to remind me to slow down and remember what's important.
Do you love country music? What are your favorite songs?


  1. Love, love, love country music! Seriously, it is my favorite and always on my radio (well that or oldies!). Calling Baton Rouge and Woman Like You are a few of my favorites, as well as Carried Away - George Strait, annnyyything by my boy Kenny and a TON more! Thanks for posting these videos, they sang along to some of my homework :)

  2. LOVE all of these songs! Looove country music! & the concerts :)

  3. LOVE country music and love all these songs!! Great post.

  4. I only started to listen to Country music this year, and I'm totally with you on this! I love, love, love country! There's really a song for every emotion, time, place and event!


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