Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Food Revelations

It's Wednesday! Half way there but also so far away from Friday. I'm heading home this Friday so I am itching for the week to hurry up. That and I'm completing a huge project this week in my internship. When Friday gets here I will be so relieved.

I have good news to share after yesterday's post. I did make it to the gym again yesterday evening and even pushed myself with a few extra minutes on the elliptical. Small things, big accomplishment for me people! My gym sessions have not been inspired by dieting as I shared yesterday. Instead stress relief and honestly overall health. Well I tried to ignore the fact that my food plays an important role in the mix. Watching how hard it is to work off those calories is beginning to get to me however. I almost which the machines did not share how many calories have been burned!!

Since they do however.. I have stated to think if I'm only burning X number of calories at the gym do I really want to gain them all back with dessert after dinner? No. I think I will be picking and choosing what food goes into my mouth a little more carefully. This journey is not about stress relief and overall health but shedding a few pounds right before bathing suit season isn't such a bad thought either!(:

Does anyone have any tips on what I should do at the gym other than cardio? I would love to start a little strength training as well. Venturing to the weight section of my college gym sounds absoultley terrifying though. I do not want to experiment with weights for the first time with a gym full of boys watching. I would look so silly! Any sugguestions??


  1. Strength training is definitely what you need to go with your cardio! Do cardio everyday, and strength training every other day.
    And now you've inspired me to get off my butt and go work out :)

  2. Great to see this, rotation in every day hobby. my husband always doing this but he's problem is something he's not wake up in the morning.. LOL..
    Fab Defence


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