Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Wednesday friends! Half way through the work week, whew who! Looking at the calendar and seeing October 17th took me by surprise this morning. I write the date on the board every morning yet still seem to loose track of time. When did summer end? Let's slow down a little bit please!! 
I realized next weekend is the date of something very exciting I signed up for a while back. I will be participating in Color Me Rad 5k with a friend and my sister next weekend. I am SO EXCITED. Have you heard of it? It is similar to The Color Run if you have heard of that. Now I am not an avid runner and the thought of me doing a 5K almost deserves a laugh. I have always wanted to partake in one however. When I found out this one was just for fun with no pressure I knew it was the one for me. Color + fun + trying something new= yes please! 

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday(:

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  1. Are you coming to Raleigh for the run?! I'll be there!!


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