Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20 Something Reading List

I was browsing Pinterest, of course.. 
when I came across this: "10 books every girl should read in her 20's."

Well I'm a girl, in my twenties and a sucker for this kinda thing. haha
you can check out the complete list here

I couldn't resist diving into a few of them so I hopped over to Amazon and currently have these on the way:

Have you read any of them?
 I'm so excited to get the first one in the mail and start reading!


  1. Ohhh, definitely let me know how they are! I've heard good things about A Girl's Guide To Hunting and Fishing!

  2. I've heard all about Girls in White Dresses, but haven't gotten around to actually reading it. It's still on my to-eventually-get-to list. I haven't heard of this 10 books every girl should read in her 20s list. It sounds like such a great idea, and a wonderful way to explore new literature.


Sweet Thoughts(: