Thursday, April 18, 2013

Target Danger

It is no secret that Target has become one of the most dangerous places I can venture to in my town. Not because of crime but because of the danger it does on my wallet! Y'all . it is IMPOSSIBLE to walk out with only what you came for. I'll give you the breakdown of a normal Target experience.

You walk in, expecting to pick up that one thing but then
The Dollar Section happens 

Please look at these cute plates and napkins 

I had a cookout at my house Tuesday and low and behold just happened to find these plates when visiting Target. Of course there are a million things in this section I just have to have for my classroom, things I must have to cook (like the cute new spatulas), gardening tools, the list goes on. It's game over at this point. The buggy is getting pretty full already. 

You finally find the will power to step away and run smack into the bathing suits. Uh. Your willpower is still at the dollar section leaving you and your imagination to run wild with all these cute (affordable) swim tops. 

Moving along, workout gear. Whats one little workout top going to do? No harm. Oh and that cute running skort.. 

Thinking to myself- "okay, it's time to go but lets just check out the shoes since they are RIGHT there." $20 for flats- in they go

On good days I make myself leave at this point. On the not so good days lets's check out the jewelry and home decor as well.

I might need to pick up this book while I'm there 

Props to whoever created the red bulls eye logo. It's mesmerizing. You win target, you win. 


  1. LOVE that bathing suit! I have the exact same issue whenever I go there. In fact, my husband has banned me from going by myself. Whoops a daisy!

  2. Amen! I always tell Kevin I just want to run into Target for a minute. Next thing I know, my minute has turned into thirty and I've got a buggy or arm full :P

  3. I went to Target today at lunch (I did this on purpose to limit my time spent there), and of course, came out with a few extra things. My willpower there is non-exisitent!

  4. Hehe...we could start a club--Target Addicts Anonymous!


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