Monday, July 15, 2013

Living Healthy

This is one of the most talked about topics with girls my age in my opinion. Everyone wants to live an active and healthy lifestyle. It's easy however to fall into a yoyo habit. A few months eating right and exercising, and then a few months of doing just the opposite. That has always been the case for me anyway! Back in January I made a goal to start eating healthy and working out regularly. I really got into it, dropping a few pounds, ran a 5K and just felt better. Since school has ended though and my summer routine changed I find myself slipping out of healthy living. I thrive on routine and the change of living, weather and schedule has started to take it's toll. 

Enough of that though! I am ready to "forget" about the last month and a half of taking the easy way and get back on my health kick. The best part about it though is Justin is going to do it with me! Everything is more fun with a partner of course! We are going to try out the couch to 5K program together. I've heard great things about it.. has anyone else tried it? If you aren't familiar with Couch to 5K it is a running program designed to ease you into running. It's a ten week program that gradually increases your running time.

I'm excited to start over my journey of living healthy. (Notice I did not say diet- it's definitely a lifestyle change!) Along with the couch to 5K program we are also going to really watch what we eat. I have lots of fresh fruits and veggies calling my name! 


  1. I did couch to 5k when I first started running! It is a great program. I have been trying for years to get my husband to workout with me with no avail. Jealous of your running buddy :)

  2. Way to go! It has been SO hot that I have really strayed from my running routine. I may need to check out this program!

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