Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things you just can't say no to..

I have realized I have a few guilty pleasures I just cannot seem to stay away from! Yesterday I was shopping at Ann Taylor Loft and realized every time I make a payment I tend to buy something else. It's an evil endless cycle my friends! This store is one I simply can't stay away from! That got me thinking of some of my favorite things that I just can't seem to stray away from this summer.

Ann Taylor Loft
I scored this dress on sale yesterday!

Dunkin Donuts coffee with Cinnamon flavor may be my newest addiction!

Oversized Tank Tops
I love my newest one from The Southern Shirt Company
It seems like I wear it everyday.. So comfy!!

Criminal Minds

What are some things you just can't seem to stay away from? Happy Thursday friends! 


  1. Whenever Victoria's Secret has a 7/$26 panty sale, I seriously can't help but buy MORE underwear! It's so bad!

  2. That dress is very cute! I might have to go find it at my store!

  3. LOVE Criminal Minds!! The dress looks cute on you! :)

  4. I am the same way with Loft. Just got a few new tops there today. I also love Law and Order:SVU and sweets. Definitely got to stay away from those.

  5. Pinterest, I am forever on that site just browsing my feed!

  6. So I watched criminal minds for the first time yesterday & I'm addicted! Loveeeeeee loft!!!


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