Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Orange Beach Recap

Good morning friends! Last time I posted I attempted to recap my trip to Orange Beach on my phone. I wasn't a big fan of having a small screen and tiny keypad. I'm SO happy to be back to my computer with internet to write  a blog post my normal way! 

My mom and I headed to Orange Beach, Alabama for a week of fun and family time. My aunt and uncle have a house at OB and we were fortunate enough to visit for an entire week! There house is across from a marina so we saw ENORMOUS boats go by all day long.   My favorite part of the trip was knowing I was looking at the Gulf of Mexico instead of the Atlantic Ocean. A beach is a beach, always amazing, but it was special to be somewhere different! [Prepare for a picture overload] 

just pretending to be cool.. You can call me Captain Amanda 

Oh. Em. Gee.. gorgeous

My mom and Aunt Connie 

Me and mom (please ignore the fact I have NO makeup on) 

My uncle and his baby sea turtle catch

baby sea turtle. No worries, they let him go! 
(...After trying to feed him Ritz Crackers..) 

These were all taken out on my cousins boat. This ride out on the water was a highlight of the trip. It really was so nice to go out by boat and explore the area. I couldn't help but to go picture crazy! Another highlight was shopping at a place called The Wharf. It's an outdoor shopping/entertainment center. Southern Tide, Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, The Southern Shirt Company, Over Under, Guy Harvey, RayBan... you name it, they had it. When I could break away from the shopping I was able to join my mom and aunt for happy hour, live music over the water, a laser light show, and ferris wheel ride. I think this is my new happy place-- I'm ready to go back already!! 

Happy Hour time

I know this post is getting long but if you can hang on I just have one more thing! Thanks to my families seafood cooking skills we were able to cook Shrimp and Mahi one night. I love seafood but have very little experience actually cooking it myself. I observed and took notes and am now ready to try to cook some on my own! Ha, we will see how it goes(: I helped prepare the meal by learning how to de-head shrimp. Oh my, my friends that know me would laugh at the sight. It wasn't bad though, I now consider myself a shrimp de-heading expert. (; 

me with my shrimp head 

I'm blessed to have such wonderful family. It was truly a wonderful trip! 


  1. Looks like an awesome trip! Glad you are getting to relax some this summer after your first year of teaching!

  2. Yay for family vacations! They're always the best!! (:

  3. This looks perfect!! I want to go to The Wharf!


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