Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I don't know about you but in my world this has been the LONGEST week ever! School ends next week and we have been in testing mode. The combination of students that are ready for a break and testing creates a very long week. It's Friday though so let's move on to happier things! I'm linking up today with AprilChristina,  Darci  and  Natasha for Five on Friday!

One. Pumpkin 
I think my taste buds have their seasons mixed up. I have been loving my caramel macchiato coffee creamer lately because it reminds me of pumpkin spice latte season! On top of that I have been craving a pumpkin fruit dip and soups! I'm mixed up for sure, ha!

Two. Allergic Reaction 
I planned to tell you about the fun girls dinner I had planned last night but that was quickly put to the side when I had a scary episode happen. Yesterday, I went for my weekly round of allergy shots. I have been going twice a week for 3 months and have never had any issues. I was sitting in the waiting  room waiting my 30 mins as a precautionary in case you do have a reaction when I got an extremely painful cramp in my abdomen. I don't think I have ever hurt so bad. After about 10 mins of the pain I started feeling lightheaded like I could faint. I notified the staff when that started and was rushed to the back where I was checked out. Sure enough I was having a severe allergic reaction. My blood pressure had dropped to 89/51, I was freezing, shaking from the epi pen and in so much pain. Luckily the medicine kicked in pretty quickly. I did have to stay for over an hour because I was shaking so bad but then I was safe to go. It was such a scary feeling that I hope to never have again! 

Three. What's your vote?
I have worked with this sweet girl for 2 years now. Ever since my first interview ALL of our staff and students have gotten us two confused. To confuse everyone more, we also teach the same grade with classrooms on the same hall. My principal made a remark about it during my interview. Then, when I was leaving the interview our janitor asked my principal "Why are you interviewing her? She already works here!" (because Katie did already work at the school) .. Since then we've earned the label of twins around the school. What's your vote? Do you see it? (:

Four. Healthy Substitutions 
Okay, I try really hard to make healthy substitutions with my cooking. Egg whites instead of eggs- done. Whole wheat bread instead of white- done. Unsweetened oatmeal- done. Almond milk instead of normal- done. The list truly goes on and on. There are some substitutions though that by golly just are not worth it. I made spaghetti this week using whole wheat pasta and ground turkey. No, just no. I didn't care for it at all. The whole wheat pasta I don't like very much but I could eat it given enough sauce on top. The ground turkey though? I just couldn't get used to it. I will not be making that mistake again- normal spaghetti for me from now on! 

Five. Weekend
I'm super excited for the weekend! Me and J have some fun plans lined up. Saturday we are meeting with the realtor to look at three more townhouses. Eeek! So exciting!! Then Saturday evening we will be heading to Wilmington to celebrate Justin's cousin's wedding at his wedding party. Sunday I'm hoping to squeeze in some time on the beach. I'm ready for 3:00 when the weekend can officially begin! I hope you have a great one! 


  1. Gosh girl, that is scary! So thankful you're ok from your allergic reaction. Are you positive they didn't mix up your medications?! And good luck this weekend with the house hunting. Here's to hoping you'll have time to squeeze in a little beach session :P

  2. So scary about the allergic reaction!! I got allergies shots for years when I was younger and never heard of that happening! Plus I always used to whine about having to wait after getting them done but now I know why :) Very thankful that you are okay! And I totally can see how people think you guys are twins! Hope house hunting went well this weekend!!


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