Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Joys of Moving

I've mentioned on here that I will be moving at the end of this school year.. whoop whoop! I'm SO excited to start a new chapter in my life. However, before I start anything new I've got to wrap up things around here. Which means.... dreaded packing and moving. As excited as I am to move, I'm NOT excited to move all of my belongings out of my house and my classroom. Yep, and my classroom. That's a lot of stuff for my little car to handle! I know I can't get it in all one trip so I have been carrying loads down to Justin's every weekend. With all of the packing up I've been doing I've found a couple of moving tips and tricks that have worked well for me. 

1. Before I even began to think about packing I went through my closet to weed out any clothes that no longer fit or I don't ever wear. I'm not waisting my time lugging shirts I will never wear again around and they can benefit someone else in need! It's a win win! 

2. Once I weeded out my clothes I came to the realization that even cleaned out, I have way.too.many. There is no way I could fold every hanging item only to have to re-hang when I move in to my new place. That's where the perfect time saver comes in- trash bags! Just pull over your hang up clothes and voila! This is by far the most useful tip for me! 

3. Utilize any type of storage container that you would be moving anyway. I have been using all of my baskets, laundry baskets and even my crock pot to put small things in. 

4. I wanted to protect my glasses and fragile kitchen items however didn't want to go out and buy bubble wrap or newspaper. I have tons of towels and scarves that needed to be packed up anyway so I decided they would be the perfect substitute! I simply wrapped my glasses in my scarves and then layered them in the box with towels. I also used socks for my smaller glasses. No money spent and everything is safe and sound! 

5. If your able to, start early. It's been very helpful for me to take a little bit at a time versus trying to get everything in one day. As I pack up I've been sitting boxes and baskets by the door so every time I walk out to my car I can grab one to take with me. This way it doesn't feel like "work" because I'm headed that way anyway! 

I'm not going to say moving is fun by any means but I know that once it's all said and done it's so worth it! In 10 more days I will be officially out of Greenville and no longer staffed at my current school. Bittersweet feelings! 


  1. My Husband and I are moving in a week and a half and we have not even started to pack eeek. It is such an overwhelming feeling I don't even know where to start.

  2. I hope moving everything in your classroom goes well. I know it is not fun at all but am sure it will be worth it in the end!

  3. I just got done with a move and these are such great pointers! My biggest downfall is "saving things for later" - for example, in my last place, there was one room I never decorated for this reason. This time, I'm doing everything ASAP so it doesn't get put off! Best of luck's a new adventure and will be great even if it is bittersweet.

  4. We are going to be moving soon, THANK YOU for sharing the trash bag over the clothes tip. Amazing!


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