Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

It's almost August which means it's birthday time! This Friday, August 1st to be exact! I don't like to ask for a lot of presents on my birthday but when the fiance starts asking for present ideas I can't help but start dreaming up my wish list. Here is a sneak peak into some of the things I would just love to have this year. Many of which have been on my wish list for quite some time just waiting for the perfect time to be bought. 

Monogrammed Seersucker Scalloped shorts

I knew from the moment I saw these that I just had to have them. I love anything monogrammed, seersucker or with scallops, but add it all together and I am in heaven. Swoon! I actually already know I am getting these because the fiance had no idea where to find them and needed a little help. I pointed him in the direction of The Lazy Daisy and now am just waiting patiently for them to arrive! 

gift card to go towards a new pair of riding boots

I already know this fall I am going to need a new pair of riding boots. Since they can be pricey I would love a Belk gift card to help me out when I go to make my purchase this fall! 

World Market/Target gift cards for home decor 

You really can't go wrong with a gift card. Since I am in the process of buying things to furnish and decorate my new home gift cards could allow me to get some of the things I've been eyeing. [hint, curtains, throw pillows, a rug..]

Travel Coffee Mug

Preferably one with a lid that twist on instead of the suction type. I have had oodles of travel coffee mugs over the years but it never fails that they all eventually leak. There is nothing that bothers me more than being fully dressed driving to work and to get coffee all over me. No thank you. I desperately need a new mug! 

Monogrammed Crew neck Sweatshirt 

No explanation needed. What girl doesn't want one?!

What's your favorite things to ask for when your birthday rolls around? 


  1. Love the monograms! I need a new pair of boots, too, and a new gift card to help you pay for 'em would be great! Happy early birthday!!

  2. I went to read you blog post today and had no idea you'd featured The Lazy Daisy! Thank you so much for the shout out, I cannot wait for you to receive your shorts! World Market & Target are definitely my go-to stores for home decor, but I've found some great pillows at HomeGoods priced extremely well!

  3. Your wish list is pretty much identical to mine! Those scalloped monogrammed shorts are too perfect. I also want a pair of new riding boots. I'm thinking of finally splurging on Tory Burch boots (just soo expensive)! And I agree that you can't go wrong with a gift card.. too many people are afraid to give gift cards but I LOVE getting them as gifts and being able to choose what I want :)


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