Thursday, July 24, 2014

Watermelon Festival

Last weekend while we were in Justin's hometown the annual Watermelon Festival was going on. I had never been before so I couldn't wait to check it out and see what it had to offer. It was the epitome of summer in a small southern town. Pretty much the whole town comes out that day to enjoy some free watermelon slices and live music. We had the best time checking everything out! It was perfect that J's house is right down the street so anytime we were hungry or needed a break we could walk home and then head back. 

 I just love these trees! 

The duck race was my favorite part of the day. You can purchase a rubber duck for $10 from a Rotary club member. They then put all of the colorful rubber ducks in the river and let them drift down to the finish line. The first duck to reach the finish line wins $1,000. J and I both bought a duck but neither of us won. Oh well, maybe next time!

What kind of festivals go on in your town?

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  1. That duck race is cute!! My hometown has a blueberry festival in June. It's downtown at our courthouse where we have live music, street food and blueberry themed everything! It's always a great time!!


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