Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Staycation to Southport

This week Justin is on vacation from work. Instead of doing any traveling during his vacation we decided to have a little staycation complete with a day trip to Southport, a day trip to Murrells Inlet, possibly a trip to the water park, pool and beach time, family and lots of sleeping in. Not a bad staycation right?! I'm loving every minute of having him home all day and I know he is loving not having to go to work. Yesterday we made the trip to Southport, NC. If you haven't ever been here it's definitely worth the trip. Southport has small town charm while bordering the Cape Fear River and the intercoastal waterway. This quaint little town has everything and more for a relaxing getaway. If that isn't enough, it's also the location the movie Safe Haven was filmed at!

We arrived right at lunch time so our first stop was Fishy Fishy cafe. We had a beverage overlooking the water while we waited for our food. Why is it drinks taste so much better by the water?! I ordered the salmon BLT and he had a bourbon chicken sandwich. Both were fabulous! 

side note- our plates were definitely white but for some reason look pink here?

the view 

 We spent the next little bit walking around checking out the views and shops in downtown Southport. There were so many adorable shops everywhere! I found several home accessory stores I plan to revisit once I get in our new house and have a better idea of what we need. 

The oak trees and old buildings are everywhere is southport. It's a gorgeous town as is and even more charming with all of the red white and blue displayed for the 4th. While walking down the street we ran into a winery that is based here in Ocean Isle. We have visited the winery but had no idea they had a shop in Southport. We of course had to stop by and couldn't say no to a wine tasting on the sailboat shaped bar. It turns out that the lady helping us went to ECU also and is in the same pledge class as my good friend Caroline. Small world! 

By then we were getting hot and tired from walking around so we decided to check out the Old American Fish Company. It's an old fish depot turned into a waterfront bar. It's also the location that Julianne Hough waitresses at in the movie Safe Haven. We had a few drinks, met some great people and enjoyed the view. 

I started to feel a little sick so we decided to call it a day but not before driving by Alex's house in the movie! I may have been that tourist that made Justin drive past it three times. 

All in all it was such a great day! I'm so glad J and I had the chance to spend a day in this southern town. If you ever go make sure you check out some of these places, you wont regret it! 


  1. I love your dress and Southport looks so so adorable! I loved Safe Haven and would have totally driven past it three times, too. No shame!

  2. This looks like a town from a storybook! So cute! Definitely a place I'd love to visit!

  3. So cute! This looks like such a fun day trip.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  4. This sounds like the perfect staycation! You guys are too cute! And now I'm craving Yuengling... we can't get it ANYWHERE around here, it's so sad!


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