Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm linking up on this Halloween Friday for five on Friday. Thanks to the host: A.Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmThe Good Life, and Hello Happiness. They are always 4 of my favorite blogs to read!

One. Halloween 

Happy Halloween y'all! Lucky for me I get to spend this festive day with 19 first grade goblins. I'm sure the day will be full of sugar rushes and giggles. I have pumpkin dip and heading to Justin's parents house on the agenda for our Halloween night. Halloween movies and some treats make for a perfect Halloween in my book. No dressing up required(:

Two.  Henson 

Henson deserves a spot of his own. I  couldn't pick just one picture so I had to include several. The majority of my pictures these days are of him. He just has too much cuteness to handle! I can't imagine when I have a real child seeing how I treat him! He had his first tick bite and I went in to mom panic mode. He has become my furry child! Speaking of first he also made his first Reidsville trip and swam for the first time! I may be a little biased but I think he may be the best puppy in the WORLD. 

Three: Home

I was able to visit my parents house in Reidsville recently. I don't get home nearly as often as I would like to so when I do I truly treasure the visit. There is nothing like driving in to your home town after time away. It's so refreshing! I roll the windows down and cut the music up every time I'm pulling into town. Maybe it's a small town thing but it seems like time instantly slows down and life gets just a little bit easier. This trip was even sweeter because I had little man with me! Henson got to meet his grandparents and fur uncles (my parents basset hounds)! He slept for two days straight after all the playing he did over the weekend. 

Four. The Meaning of Marriage

I am SO excited to finally start the book The Meaning of Marriage. My sister gave me this book as a gift and I have been itching to get into it. I wanted school to calm down so I could really focus on it. (like school every really calms down, ha) I can't wait any longer so I'm starting it now! I've heard great things about it! Has anyone else ever read this book?

Five. These.Curtains.Now

Can someone please find me these curtains? Like now.. Oh how perfect they would be in my bedroom. We are slowly but surely working on the house. Our bedroom is complete enough for now so curtains will have to wait. Unless that is someone can find me these, in which case I would have to splurge and bring them home. (; 

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  1. Henson is SO cute! I know exactly how you feel, I think my three fur babies are the best too ;)

    xoxo, SS


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