Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stocking Stuffers: For Her

I'm linking up today with A Liz AdventuresCheers Y'allMiss Dixie and Southern Style today for These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things- Stocking Stuffer Edition! I like to keep things practical and mini for stocking stuffers. I know these are all things that would make any girl, including me, grin from ear to ear hint hint, Justin ;)

1. Worlds Softest Socks I'm not lying about the name.. they really are the worlds softest sock. The adorable pink pattern doesn't hurt either!  You can read this post about my love for these socks!! 
2. Eos Chapstick: You can't go wrong with chap stick! Every girl needs it and Eos is all the rave right now in the chapstick world. (: 
3. Mini Bath and Body Works Candel My go to candle this time of year is Fresh Balsam from bath and body works. If you haven't smelled it- TRUST ME. It will change your life. It is absolutely wonderful. The mini sizes are perfect for stocking stuffer's!! 
4. Kate Spade Coasters:  What girl wouldn't love these adorable Kate Spade coasters? They add the perfect pop of color to any room. 
5. Naked blush I love love love this blush!! ..and you guessed it, it's the perfect stocking stuffer size. 
6.  Mini Champagne Who says you can't add some bubbly to your stocking?! These mini bottles are the perfect size and just in time for the New Year. 
7. Butter nail polish I like to think practical and this my friends is practical. Every girl needs the perfect go to color nail polish. 
8. Pearls Maybe these are on my mind because I need a new pair.. seriously though. Every girl needs a pair of pearl earrings. I wear mine just about every day... actually who am I kidding? I wear the literally every day.
9. Tory Burch Clutch Do you want to make her squeal in excitement? This one will do it(: Take notes boys! 


  1. Love the idea of a mini champagne bottle! Mimosas for Christmas Breakfast!

  2. AWWW this is adorable!!! I would love to get any of these :)

  3. Cozy socks are my favorite stocking stuffer!


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